“Horses speak in silence,
never forgetting to listen.”

Naked Liberty is a captivating memoir of Carolyn Resnick’s detailed account of how she gained a magnetic connection with all horses. Carolyn reveals her struggle to be accepted into a herd of wild horses, beginning at the bottom of the pecking order, working to gain higher rank and ultimately riding on the back of a lead mare from a bonded trust. The book chronicles her childhood growing up in a small desert town in Southern California, and the events that led up to her experiences with wild horses.

“Choosing to follow wild horses and ultimately making friends with them felt as challenging as climbing Mt. Everest, not from the aspect of danger, but most definitely as exciting and as unbeknownst to the events that lay before me. I learned that dominant horses must fight for their position and lead horses do not. Wild horses have pecking order rituals they must experience to become an accepted member of the herd, and I too had to experience these rituals to eventually become accepted among them. From these waterhole rituals I discovered the secret society of wild horses, and that the spirit of the bond has its own language.”

Carolyn Resnick



Praise for Naked Liberty

“Everyone should read Naked Liberty. It’s a fresh look at horses that, I believe, has not yet been touched upon. It widened my perspective of horse behavior.”
Lendon Gray, 2 time Olympian

“Carolyn’s work teaches us how to become more effective leaders with horses and humans. Her stories teach us that leadership is an earned position based on trust. This is a refreshing departure from the idea that leaders are always the dominant ones. In Naked Liberty, Carolyn shares her deep wisdom of the nature of the horse. As we better understand this magnificent animal, we can’t help but gain a deeper knowledge of ourselves, which will help us all to lead from a higher level.”
Kathleen Martin, Ph.D.
Vice President, Professional Services
The Ken Blanchard Companies

  “By observing equine herd behavior and taking it to an entirely new level, Naked Liberty bridges horse and human communication, creating a revolutionary method of interspecies interaction. Using the same process lead horses go through in the wild to create a unified herd, Carolyn Resnick brings horses and humans to a working partnership. It’s this stripped down version of training, completely absent of tack or round pen, that the horse world has not yet experienced but will benefit greatly from.”
Erin Gilmore
Assistant Editor, California Riding Magazine